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Supplier of custom embroidered and printed baseball caps in the UK

CAP-UK are one of the largest suppliers of custom embroidered and printed baseball caps in the UK.

We have a vast array of ranges and varieties of baseball caps to choose from which you can customise and are available in many different styles and colours to choose from.

Whether you are looking for Snapback Baseball Caps, Pro-Styling design baseball caps or a beanie! CAP-UK can embroider or print your logo on the cap to make that extra branding matter.

By all means, have a look around, and see what you like. Ordering is very easy, just choose your baseball cap, colour, and quantity and checkout using our 100% secure payments,

If you are an event company, a chain of stores, or are holding a marketing event, Cap-UK can definitely help you and deliver on time when it matters most.

Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps

CAP-UK can embroider baseball caps for you in a variety of styles and setups. Because we sell on quantities we are able to absorb any embroidery setup fees that many other companies charge for which results in higher prices per unit.

Providing your baseball cap logo is within 100mm width and 65mm height, we can surely work the magic in providing your design the perfect solution.

CAP-UK have the latest technology when embroidering your baseball caps so rest assured, the finished product will look amazing to the eye and enhance your brand.