Custom Cap Embroidery Guidelines

Here are some useful guidelines for you in order to understand the way we embroider baseball caps.

A Few Helpful Tips!

As with any embroidery, we have to understand there are some constraints we have to work with which is why we have created the baseball cap embroidery guidelines.

We have state-of-the-art embroidery machines that can cope with a lot of work around’s but in regard to caps, especially breast logo’s.

As in the detailed illustration, the logo or design that gets embroidered at the front of the cap (breast) needs to fit perfectly. There is only a certain width constrain we can work with.

However, if you have an illustrator logo that is quite complex, you can always constrain it to a smaller size without compromising design too much if you would like it on a baseball cap.

Complex designs with lots of colour layers do not tend to work well and will compromise the style of the baseball cap in general, so we will always want to assess this before we get to work with the setups.

Simple logo’s in our experience seem to work best with Baseball Caps.

So the baseball cap embroidery guidelines we normally adhere to are 100mm for the width and 65mm for the height is the standard that works more effectively.

We love cap embroidery and in our opinion embroidery exudes a quality that printing just cannot match. We will always recommend embroidering on caps because if done correctly, they can last for years and years if you look after them.

Furthermore, we have designed and embroidered major brands, enhancing their presence with effective results, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ‘contact us‘ for advice before proceeding if that is your wish.

Will the Embroidery Look the Same As My Original Artwork?

We will always try and match the embroidery as close as we can to your artwork and/or  file. All embroidery is an ‘interpretation’ of the artwork provided and can never reflect a true exact copy.

Stitching has a texture and it kind of looks a little 3D, so it doesn’t look the same as a flatten image. Whilst it isn’t possible to duplicate 2d artwork exactly, we are very fortunate enough to have high-end quality embroidery machines that always produce embroidery of the best and highest quality. Our in-house embroiderer has extensive years of experience in this industry – your design is safe in our hands! If you have a look at the pictures below you can see how your artwork might look if embroidered.

Artwork Process

Our studio team love creating artwork, and are always happy to assist and advise. If you have a jpeg that needs re-drawing please send it to us. If you have an idea of what you want, you can describe it to us. If you have some text and thoughts about the font and size, please tell us. We will help you create what you have in mind or give you some ideas if you prefer. This service is always free of charge at CAP-UK and we will keep working for you until you are 100% happy!

Artwork Ready – Vector Formatting

Before we can go to production we will need to re-create all artwork into a what’s called a ‘vector’ format. Once in this format your artwork is is ready for either embroidery or printing. Or, if you already have a vector file in illustrator, or a ‘DTS FILE’ please do send it to us or upload an image on checkout once you have completed your order.